Zuora and HP Helion: Scaling the Subscription Economy

Zuora and HP Helion: Scaling the Subscription Economy


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We are very excited to be working with HP Helion, an agile portfolio of cloud products and services that will dramatically scale our Relationship Business Management solution.


“We know we don’t want to be in the business of building data centers. And we realize that we could scale more efficiently if we made the move to the cloud,” our senior director of QA Jeff Feldstein explains.


So the team started by looking for the best cloud-based solution for its quality assurance and test and development environments.


“My job was to find the best cloud environment,” recalls Feldstein. “Specifically, I explored the possibilities of Amazon Web Services and Helion, the new managed cloud service from HP. I compared the two services based on our needs, and it quickly became clear that HP Helion portfolio products were going to be a better fit for us. Then I swiped my card and within 10 minutes, I was swamped — swamped in a good way. I got a call right away. That was a Friday, and by the next Monday, I was using HP Helion.”


With HP Helion’s expansive portfolio of private, public, and hybrid cloud consisting of market-leading hardware, software, and services, Zuora can deliver faster and with higher quality.


“In our competitive environment, our biggest challenge is to deliver features and scale as quickly as possible,” Feldstein explains. “With HP, I can do that.”


Zuora founder and CEO Tien Tzuo is excited about the next phase of his business in the cloud: “Zuora has worked closely with HP to provide the first Relationship Business Management (RBM) platform fully integrated with OpenStack,” Tzuo says.


“With Zuora, HP customers and partners will benefit from access to Zuora’s sophisticated subscription and billing capabilities, which are key to enabling the subscription economy in the cloud.”


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