A 60-Lane Highway That Connects Zuora To Your Business Processes

A 60-Lane Highway That Connects Zuora To Your Business Processes


Monika Saha

Product Marketing Director

Why settle for 2 lanes of traffic? Or even 8? We’ll go for 60, thanks. That’s the mindset that the engineering team at Zuora has taken to your voracious use of the “callouts” feature.

What is the callouts feature you ask? Well, it’s Zuora’s way of pinging external systems to let them know what’s happening in the world of subscriptions.

A new customer signed up and needs to be provisioned? Callout to provisioning system. A customer failed to pay once too many times and needs to be shut down? Call out to service suspension system. A customer just upgraded to a new product? Callout to campaign management system to invite them to a training webinar.


Callouts are our way of “calling out” to other systems and making sure everything is running smoothly and communicating effectively.

So how have we radically improved this? The Zuora engineering team has increased the callout capacity of the platform by 60X so that callouts don’t get backed up waiting in traffic jams.


Instead, they can speed along on a 60 lane highway. Pretty impressive right? It’s just another way that we’re making sure your systems are moving at the speed of your market.




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