GoodMouth and the Subscription Experience

Whoopi Goldberg had some nice things to say about our friends at GoodMouth on “The View” this week. You can watch the clip here.


We’re happy to see GoodMouth getting such well-deserved attention. On the consumer side it’s a simple, intuitive service that solves a lot of problems:


  • Shopping for the right kind of toothbrush – This is traditionally one of the most arbitrary, haphazard aisle-based buying decisions on the planet.


  • Making sure you always have a fresh toothbrush  – You should pitch yours every three months to prevent gum disease, which can lead to even more serious conditions as you grow older.


  • Contributing to responsible consumerism – For every subscription purchased, GoodMouth donates two brushes, or the equivalent in dental care, to someone in need.


But we’re particularly interested in their B to B model, in which they partner with dental firms to send individually branded toothbrushes to patients every three months.


As GoodMouth puts it:


“Why do dental practices give toothbrushes to patients for free? Somewhere along the way, smart doctors realized that giving away brushes would differentiate their practices and show patients they cared about their health.


The doctors reasoned that appreciative patients were more likely to return and tell their friends, so whatever money was spent on brushes would almost certainly come back through increased business.”


The problem today is that most patients think that dentists get their toothbrushes for free (they don’t – they spend thousands of dollars on them), and perhaps not surprisingly, they don’t ascribe any value to them.


GoodMouth is working with dental practices to transform a generic, transactional product into an ongoing, differentiated service. One that benefits small businesses as well as your health.

It’s a great example of the Subscription Experience at work, and a potentially interesting option for other subscription box services, like pet treats and local veterinarians, or home supplies and hardware stores.


Do yourself a favor and sign up with GoodMouth – enter the promo code 1013ZZ for a 10% discount!


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