Xplornet Takes to the Skies with Zuora and Salesforce



Getting a fast, reliable Internet connection in rural Canada can be charitably described as difficult. In many parts of the country there are no DSL or fiber optic networks available, much less reliable power grids. Back-up gas as generators are the norm.


It’s is a serious issue to the Canadian government, since up to 30% of the country’s population lives outside of its major cities.  And it’s why they’re planning to invest $305 million on fiberoptic networks between now and 2017 to extend access to broadband Internet speeds of five megabits per second.


Meanwhile Xplornet Communications  is promising Internet download speeds of up to 25 megabits per second for rural and remote areas of Canada, and within roughly the same time frame. They’ve decided to skip the cables and go straight to the skies, with satellites.


The company plans to make it possible to download video or stream HD content in rural and remote parts of Canada “for about the same price you would pay if you lived in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto or Fredericton.”


Launching satellites into space no easy undertaking, much less managing more than 225,000 customers, 700 dealers and a 250 person contact center. Like any modern telco, Xplornet offers a range of product and pricing plans (they also introduced the country’s first 4G cellular telephone network).


Thanks to Zuora’s seamless integration with Salesforce they’ve managed to create an agile customer platform that deploys quickly and allows them to stay nimble as their business, customers and market evolve. Learn more in their new Salesforce profile above.


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