LeBronShift, Cleveland

LeBronShift, Cleveland


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Cleveland-based OnShift makes software that helps long-term care and senior living facilities take great care of their residents and their staff. They have an intuitive, elegant solution that helps facilities improve their services while effectively managing their costs.  We’re very happy to be powering their agile, usage-based recurring revenue model.


Also, OnShift just changed their name to LeBronShift.


Did we mention they were based in Cleveland?


Here’s what CEO Mark Woodka has to say about their new name:


“We felt compelled to do something to honor your effort; something more meaningful than just saying ‘Thank You.’ LeBron James means more to us than just basketball.  I didn’t recognize that four days ago.  I do now.


So to honor LeBron returning to Northeast Ohio we are changing our name from OnShift to LeBrOnShift. For how long? I don’t know. It doesn’t matter.


LeBrOnShift is for the kids, parents, families, nursing home operators, their residents and others who live here, who’ve grown here, who’ve built businesses here, and who’ve supported Northeast Ohio and the Cavs through the good and the bad.


Welcome home, LeBron.”


Best of luck, LeBronShift! We’re looking forward to working with you this season.


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