Ten Minute Mindfulness: A Chat with Headspace Founder Andy Puddicombe

June 25, 2014





“Andy Puddicombe is doing for meditation what Jamie Oliver has done for food.”

                                                                                                New York Times


We’re very excited to be working with Headspace, a digital health platform providing guided meditation sessions and mindfulness training. Their hugely popular app features a free starter program called Take10, a set of ten-minute guided meditations introducing the idea of mindfulness. The program continues to longer meditations focusing on different aspects of life.


Headspace Founder Andy Puddicombe, a fully ordained Buddhist monk, recently spoke to the British startup network Smarta about the benefits of subscription-based business models:


“When looking at busy workers and entrepreneurs, what subscription model do you think best suits them and why?


We offer a broad range of subscription options for our platform, including monthly, yearly, two-year, and lifetime options. It’s really about what commitment you’d like to make.


We integrated the subscription platform Zuora into our software to also allow us provide multiple subscriptions to businesses and organsiations, so a busy worker may well look to get an employer to provide Headspace as part of their health and wellbeing offering. Most of our users choose the yearly option and the feedback we get suggests this about making a sincere commitment to oneself.


Why was a subscription business model best suited for Headspace and what benefits do you see from using it?


Our users benefit most from the subscription business model. For us, it provides flexibility to provide even more content as we grow. We can see what people really want and need, and then develop the content to suit.


Obviously having more subscribers makes our business more sustainable and allows us to invest more in developing the platform. There has been huge investment in Version 2 of Headspace that launches on June 26th.”


Here is Andy’s TED talk: