The CIO's Lament

Trav_HeadshotTravis Huch

VP, Marketing





Now I lay me down to sleep

My core order to cash process I wish to keep

But with all this talk of IOT and the cloud

I know that change has come around


I used to worry about one invoice and shipping the box

But now customers sign up for a service with Chrome or Firefox

It’s now about social and wearables and mobile

And the users and the payments are all global 


Getting to know our end users is the new marketing law

But my only real relationship is with the Costco AS/400 in Issaquah

I know we need to bill monthly and annually and renew

But my five year plan to upgrade SAP is what put me in this stew


The analysts have invented new verbs to describe these trends

We’re getting Netflixed and Amazon’d and Googled to no end

Ultimately I know the buck stops here.

If I can’t prove that I’m agile, I won’t be here in a year.


Revenue used to be simple to account for. but now…. not so much

We had Gross revenue and cost of good sold

But now we worry about ARR and churn and such


Back in the day my systems were hot shit 

but now they’re quite mature.

The fact I’m coming to grips with

is that I can’t deal with revenues that recur.


Whatever happens I know we’ll be fine – me and the spouse

If I have to bail from the valley I can still get two mil for my house!

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