Today’s George Jetson: IoT is here

Today’s George Jetson: IoT is here

Trav_HeadshotTravis Huch

VP, Marketing

Today, we live in a world that feels like the future – where sensors and tiny computers are able to create information from our day-to-day activities. The Internet of Things gives us the ability to control the temperature of our house from our cars. It gives us the ability to compare our total vertical feet with other skiers. It even gives us the ability to use the weather forecast to water the grass.

The Internet of Things has created a massive movement in our daily lives, and it’s caused a huge shift in the way we do business. That’s because, in IoT, it’s not the device that creates value, it’s the data generated by that device and what you do with it that matters. IoT changes the relationship with your customer. The data that is generated by devices give us the opportunity to engage not just up to the point of purchase, but beyond. Companies that figure out how to engage and deliver real value will be the ones that get rewarded with loyalty and revenue.

The Internet of Things isn’t about the cool devices. It’s about the data, and it all ties back to the customer relationship. Companies like Life Technologies have figured out that providing customers with data about their use of a device can bring fantastic insights. This is data that customers are willing to pay for.

Take a look at the infographic below to start to see what a day in the life of your customer looks like in the world of IoT, and follow the link at the bottom to read the eBook.


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