Zuora and Intacct: Always Best of Breed. Now Pre-Integrated.

Monika Saha

Product Marketing Director

Have you ever felt the pain of spending multiple months and millions of dollars trying to connect enterprise applications together? Have you been burned by this experience one too many times and decided that you’d rather just buy an all inclusive enterprise application suite, only to spend even more months, and even more money trying to customise it to suit your needs?


We’d much prefer that you didn’t have to experience that pain. That’s why we joined forces with our partners at Intacct last week and announced the launch of a pre-integrated cloud connector.


Zuora and Intacct belong to an emerging generation of enterprise applications: applications that are best-of-breed, but with an interesting twist. Of course the idea of best-of-breed applications has been around for a while. So what’s the twist you ask? The twist is that applications that will best serve the needs of your business will be those that invest in integrations with adjacent systems. Our partnership with Intacct is further proof of our commitment to investing not just in our product, but in the ecosystem that surrounds it.


Businesses with recurring revenue streams can now use Zuora’s leading subscription management solution alongside Intacct’s world class financial management application without having to take on the burden of integrating the two. And that’s not all. By using both Zuora and Intacct you also get the benefits of pre-built integrations with adjacent systems like Salesforce CRM, Avalara, dozens of payment gateways and more.


So if you’re an Intacct customer running a subscription business, or are thinking about launching one, Zuora now works seamlessly with Intacct to solve the complexity of subscription order management, recurring billing and recurring payments. And if you’re a Zuora customer looking for a cloud financials solution, Intacct can give you the ability to automate complex bookings based revenue recognition processes, provide real time visibility into key financial data and streamline core finance and accounting processes. We’re excited about what this partnership means for our joint customer community and we hope you are too! Join us for a live webinar and learn more about how this pre-integrated solution could benefit your business.


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