7 Signs You Need a New Recurring Billing Platform

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Joe Andrews

Sr. Director, Marketing


Are you launching or building a recurring revenue business? Are you seeking answers to tough questions, like “How do I price in a way customers want to buy?” “How do I avoid delaying my subscription launch?” “How do I ensure my invoices are accurate and complete?” “How do I track my recurring revenue accurately to pass an audit?”


It’s time to learn the 7 Signs it’s Time for a New Recurring Billing Platform. Check out the SlideShare based on today’s informative webcast, led by Travis Huch, Zuora’s “Chief disruption officer” – he’s personally worked with hundreds of companies over the last 2 years that have driven industry disruption and massive growth built around recurring revenue models – companies like Box, Zendesk, Reed Media, Wildfire (Google).

In this SlideShare and 30-minute webcast, Travis addresses the tough questions and challenges facing every subscription and recurring revenue business and provides practical real-world guidance for how to address them. Please take a look today and let us know what you think.

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