Letter from our CEO: The World Subscribed is a Brave New World

By Tien Tzuo, CEO Six years ago, we introduced an exciting new vision of a world subscribed. A vision where all of us are no longer buying products, but instead subscribing to services to meet our every day needs. Fast forward six years, our customers are leading a disruptive transformation in global commerce. The services […]

How Zuora Built a Customer Success Culture

By Todd Pearson, SVP of Customer Success   There’s an increased emphasis on Customer Success today by companies with a recurring revenue models. Above all else, happy and healthy customers are the lifeblood of any subscription business. But how do you build and maintain this culture in your organization? Dan Steinman of Gainsight recently wrote about this. Here, I’d […]

Cable: Make People Happy. It’s Not Too Late.

By Kevin Harris, Marketing   It’s been a while since I flipped on GSN, TruTV, CMT, QVC, Oxygen, VH1, or HGTV. In fact, I’m not sure if I’ve ever watched any of these channels, let alone dozens of others my cable company provides. So, if I’m never watching them, why should I have to pay […]