Moms Get More Time With Subscription E-Commerce

Moms Get More Time With Subscription E-Commerce


By Mikey Goldman, Social Media


Over the last year, subscription e-commerce has been quite creative in their offerings. And with no sign of losing momentum, there’s no limits as to what the next subscription e-commerce offering will be.


One of the first companies to attribute their success to subscription e-commerce was Birchbox. The model was simple — deliver subscribers a box of new beauty (I mean manly) products to sample every month  — aka, “your next everything.”  Simple but effective. Shortly after launching, Birchbox began growing 50% month-over-month. With such a simple, proven and repeatable model its not a surprise so many other e-commerce companies scratched their heads and asked, “how do we get involved?”


What’s more surprising is that the type of companies jumping on this bandwagon – personal products. We’d seen beauty products with Birchbox. It was now underwear’s time to shine.


Manpacks and Mosmann Underwear were two companies that went the not-so obvious route of subscription underwear. Seems like underwear was the right move. Manpacks and Mosmann’s lady counterpart, Adore Me, sending members matching pairs of bras and panties each month, just received $8.5 million in series B funding.


Then there’s the comedic Dollar Shave Club, who is pretty literal in their offering – “A great shave for a few bucks a month,” sending you razors once a month. Entering puberty with confidence is now just a couple clicks away.


Not only are these companies feeding our vanity to be good lookin’ and stayin’ fresh, they’re also granting us a sizeable amount of free time. Why spend your time awkwardly shopping for bras and panties for your special lady when you can gift them every single month with just a click or two? Moms can nestle in and read a book, because gone are the days schlepping to the Gap to pick up boxers to send to their college son. Wait — you’re mom didn’t do that? Weird.


Subscription e-commerce has really started making lives easier empowering us to avoid the chores of shopping for the mundane.


But will this be a fad? Will I be forced to return to these brick and mortars for my manly upkeep? That’s just too much to think about.


Instead, we should be thinking  “what next?” You tell me.



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