The Fancy Leads Return to Relationships

The Fancy Leads Return to Relationships

Tien-tzuo1By Tien Tzuo, CEO


The Internet is breaking down barriers between people. Who would have imagined 10 years ago that, one day, anyone could start a dialog with a celebrity. On a regular basis, you’ll see pop stars like Nicki Minaj taking pictures of herself and sharing it with the world. Cory Booker regularly addresses constituents through Twitter. Meanwhile, rapper Drizzy tweets that “the first million dollars is always the hardest,” and then business magnate T. Boone Pickens replies back “the first billion is helluva lot harder.” Such a moment would have been unthinkable ten years ago.


Now, thanks to The Fancy’s latest announcement proves, you can subscribe to gift boxes from Ashton Kutcher or your neighbor across the hall. Everyone is a celebrity, and everyone is connected. So what’s going on?


It’s the return of relationships. Once upon a time, our society used to live in small cities where everyone knew each other. Then we had the 20th century with industrialization and the rise of anonymity. Manufacturers didn’t really know who their customers were, as the assembly line made the same product for everyone.


But now we’re returning to form. Now we’re building relationships with Ashton Kutcher, with Twitter celebrities, with people around the world. And the cool thing about The Fancy is that since their new subscription boxes can be curated (and sold) by anyone, you’re building business relationships with anyone. With other retail subscription companies, you’re building a relationship with Bespoke Post or Kona Kase– you buy a curated box from them on a monthly basis. It’s a very linear relationship. But The Fancy is actually stepping back (albeit still taking a 50% cut) and letting subscribers build their relationships with anyone. That’s exceptional.


So our trucker hats off to Mr. Kutcher and The Fancy: they’ve made the curated subscription box service more intimate, more scaleable and more exciting with a much-needed return to what really matters: relationships.

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