Zuora Sydney Team Rolls Up Sleeves, Gets Dirty... for Charity!

MG Blog Photo BWby Megan Golden, Marketing


On Monday December 17th, the Sydney Z-Team volunteered its time and muscles to work with Sydney Basket Brigade Charity. The Basket Brigade, part of the Magic Moments Foundation, annually provides boxes of food and gifts for people that need a hand during the holiday season.


The Zuora team traded in their laptops, iPads and mobiles for screwdrivers, shifters and trolley jacks to help with packing up the warehouse at the end of the annual basket campaign. “We dismantled the conveyor belt, collapsed tables, unplugged PA systems, stacked and secured goods to pallets ready for collection,” explained Michelle Crawford, executive assistant to John Ruthven. She and the team boxed equipment & stationery supplies to be labeled and stored ready for use again next year.


The Baskets (boxes) are given anonymously ‐ the only note the recipient receives simply asks them to take care of themselves and if one day they find themselves in a position to help another, then they are encouraged to do so ‐ an embodiment of the “pay it forward” concept. According to the organization’s website, volunteers like our Australian team come together to feed more than 2 million people in 400 cities, across 74 countries annually.


By all indications, the Z-Team had a fantastic day. Ms. Crawford says that it was “a great feeling being part of the cycle that made it all happen and we look forward to contributing again next year.” Way to go, ZEOs!

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