Why Data Matters

Why Data Matters

SriniVinnakotaby Srini Vinnakota, Director of Product Marketing


Context is everything. Perhaps you look at your subscription business and notice that you’ve been growing year over year beyond your predictions, have a steady stream of new customers, and assume everything is gravy. But you’re not looking at support costs, and if your expenses begin to outpace your growth, you could find your company in the red in no time.

That’s where we come in. At GoodData, we connect and analyze these data sets to insure your company has the proper context to make decisions. Businesses in the Subscription Economy don’t need to be told that data is important. But between marketing data from Salesforce, expense reports, spreadsheets, and MRR, businesses often lose track of the big picture.

In the Subscription Economy, it’s sometimes hard to plan investments by the year because your customers are typically paying you on different cycles (by the month, by the quarter, every two years, etc). And your typical analytics solutions usually are laced with up-front expenditures. You need a business solution that is in sync with top and bottom line. At GoodData, we offer an end-to-end service that gives you a real-time perspective of your revenue and cost structure, enabling you to grow your business profitably.

GoodData aims to bring different data sources together and create rich visualizations so that business leaders can make effective decisions. GoodData allows customers to manage data from different data sources to get a more holistic view of their business. In this way, companies can monetize their subscription services in the most efficient way.

Let’s say you are a Subscription Economy business, using Zuora. By leveraging GoodData, you’ll be able to combine the rich subscription metrics in Zuora, the data from your expense management system, and your internal usage database. This will give you powerful insights into the health of your business with the full context of your expenses and the full context of how your customers are actually using the system.

Imagine how this powerful insight would influence critical business decisions: You no longer depend on a salesperson’s hunch to decide when to up-sell customers. Instead, your data tells you what you need to know.

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