The Cheapest Generation? But Not By Choice

by Chris Holt, Marketing   I’m a Millennial. Born in 1984, I’ve grown up with the Internet, saw Facebook change how we interact with each other, and entered the business world right when ZipCar, Netflix, and smart phones were transforming industry. I also left college in a time when student debt was at an all […]

Zuora enables monetization strategies to Microsoft Windows Azure hosting service providers

by Brian Bell, CMO   Microsoft is renowned for battle testing, updating, and improving its products. In the Cloud, their aggressive innovation is really something to behold. This week, Microsoft sought to redefine the cloud by announcing major news for Windows Server 2012 and their Cloud OS strategy of consistent platforms between private datacenters, hosted […]

Subscribed 2012: New Heights for Both Zuora and the Subscription Economy

by Brian Bell, CMO   It’s been a huge week for Zuora, possibly the biggest in the history of our company, and I thought I’d take the time to recap the events of the last few days. First, leading up to our Subscribed 2012 conference, we declared that we are at the Tipping Point of […]

We Called It: BMW Embraces Subscription Model, Tries to Race Past ZipCar

By Tien Tzuo, CEO   In June 2010, we talked about how BMW really needed to be more like Zipcar. We argued that BMW was already in the Subscription Economy since over 60% of its revenue was coming from its leasing business. We suggested that Zipcar’s flexibility gave it a major leg up on BMW […]