Top 10 Reasons You Should Attend Subscribed 2012

Top 10 Reasons You Should Attend Subscribed 2012

Tien-tzuo1By Tien Tzuo, CEO


We are less than one week away from our first annual Subscribed conference. Between the caliber of customer speakers and the sessions packed with world-class content, I couldn’t be more excited. In fact, I’ve jotted down my Top 10 Reasons why I think this is a must-attend event for any company in the Subscription Economy or any business contemplating the shift. Can’t wait to see you there.


1. Hear how industry leaders (and Zuora customers) like Dell, HP, Box, and Branchout are leading the Subscription Economy.


2. Do you know how to automate your backend processes? No? Well there’s a session for that.


3. Connect with Zuora customers in your industry to learn how they’ve leveraged the Zuora platform to grow their business and streamline their processes.


4. Want to learn best practices for pricing and packaging? There’s a session for that.


5. We’ve made SAP and Oracle pinatas.


6. Engage with our high-energy Zuora team on best practices and innovative strategies to make your subscription business hum.


7. Want to create a new pricing tier? A new product? Get invaluable advice and thoughts from people who have been there.


8. Our CMO will wrestle a live bear on stage.


9. Making the transition to the Cloud but don’t know where to begin? There’s a session for that.


10. Learn the latest on how Zuora plans to remain the industry –leading solution and the backbone of subscription businesses everywhere.


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