Citrix Partners With Zuora to Grow its CloudPortal Services Manager

Blog Pic JY 0412Jeff Yoshimura, VP Marketing


Delivering and monetizing solutions in the Cloud just got a whole lot easier. Today, Zuora announced a partnership with Citrix Systems to extend the capabilities of CloudPortal Services Manager. Citrix’s Channel strategy is to aggressively grow its Citrix Service Provider (CSP) channel and Zuora will be an integral part of that, providing the billing solution for Citrix and its partners’ broad portfolio of Cloud offerings.

Not only is Citrix growing, but an entire industry of service providers are evolving to offer cloud-based solutions that meet a wide range of needs– from line-of-business apps to legacy custom apps to core productivity apps. Every cloud provider must be able to streamline the front-end provisioning of their entire portfolio of services, and accurately meter and bill for those services on the backend.

Together, Zuora and Citrix empower today’s cloud providers with an integrated ability to build, deliver and monetize new cloud app and desktop services. That’s why this partnership is so potent: CloudPortal Services Manager is specifically designed to provide a platform for a broad portfolio of services and multiple tiers of delivery. Meanwhile, Zuora’s industry leading Z-Commerce for the Cloud solution will integrate seamlessly with CloudPortal Services Manager to provide a powerful billing and payment platform that allows cloud service providers to quickly monetize and grow their cloud services.

With the launch of Z-Commerce for the Cloud, Zuora set out to become the Cloud billing leader— a solution for anyone who wants to build a public, private, hybrid Cloud. When we launched Z-Commerce for the Cloud two years ago, our goal was to ensure that every Cloud provider would have access to a billing system more versatile, flexible, and scalable than any on premise or homegrown system. Since that time, Zuora has become the commerce engine for HP, GoGrid, Dell, Tata Communications, IC&S, Zetta, and Ninefold.

With today’s announcement, Zuora offers unparalleled options for Cloud providers to use their Cloud of choice. Whether you’re seeking to monetize, deliver, or scale your service in the Cloud, Zuora’s Z-Commerce for the Cloud is the leading billing platform for service providers to capitalize on the unique opportunities of the Cloud.

“To be successful, cloud providers must be able to automatically and easily provision new accounts, empower customers with self-service, and then bill them for what they used,” said Bill Burley, Vice President and General Manager of the Cloud App Delivery group at Citrix. “Service providers could struggle endlessly trying to build these capabilities on their own – or they could use Citrix CloudPortal with Zuora’s Z-Commerce for the Cloud and leverage the integration developed via our partnership. Our Citrix Service Providers are always asking us to help them be more operationally efficient so they can improve their margins – partnering with Zuora is one of the ways we can accomplish that.”

Zuora President, Shawn Price, will be presenting more about this partnership at an exclusive event for Citrix Service Providers attending the Citrix Summit on the morning of Tuesday, May 8th at the Westin San Francisco Market Street.

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