HP Moves to the Cloud with Flexible Pricing Models

by Jeff Yoshimura, VP Marketing Someone once said that the best indication of character is the friends you have; well we here at Zuora are pretty excited about what having HP as a friend says about us. HP is one of the biggest players in the technology industry, with products and services that impact customers […]

Citrix Partners With Zuora to Grow its CloudPortal Services Manager

Jeff Yoshimura, VP Marketing   Delivering and monetizing solutions in the Cloud just got a whole lot easier. Today, Zuora announced a partnership with Citrix Systems to extend the capabilities of CloudPortal Services Manager. Citrix’s Channel strategy is to aggressively grow its Citrix Service Provider (CSP) channel and Zuora will be an integral part of […]

6 Reasons Why Activision Blizzard Will Beat Zynga & Electronic Arts

by Chris Holt, Marketing   Call of Duty. Starcraft. World of Warcraft. Prototype. These are some of the biggest gaming franchises out there, and they are all under the umbrella of mega-game publisher Activision Blizzard. Arguably one of the largest traditional gaming publishers left, Activision Blizzard owns the rights to many sought after properties, offers […]