Congratulating BranchOut on Hitting 25 Million Users, Getting $25 Million in Funding

April 24, 2012

Blog Pic JY 0412Jeff Yoshimura, VP Marketing


The job board social media wars have heated up. Increasingly, prospective employees and employers have turned to sites like BranchOut for their human resources and employment needs. BranchOut is built on top of the Facebook platform and they’ve become not just the biggest challenger to job board juggernaut Linkedin, but a leader in their own right. 

BranchOut now has over 25 million users in 60 countries and 15 languages. And on April 19th, BranchOut announced that it had received an additional $25 million in funding, putting their total capital investment at around $49 million. Despite Facebook’s slowed growth, BranchOut is averaging a new registered user every three seconds.

We wanted to congratulate our customer BranchOut on its continued success. Zuora is only as successful as our customers, and BranchOut’s success is another sign that the Subscription Economy is here to stay.

We’re proud to be part of BranchOut’s continued growth. The latest round of funding indicates that not only will the customer base continually expand, but the company itself, as well. We firmly believe that the best is yet to come for BranchOut and hope for their continued success in the future.