Subscriptions & Weird Cat Ladies

March 9, 2012

by Megan Golden, Marketing


I would not peg myself as a cat person, per say. Maybe it’s that I’m afraid I’d wake up one day and be 45, single, with nothing to my name but a wardrobe of sweatpants, a rainbow of fabric headbands, and 15 cats in my tiny 600sq ft apartment while known to all the local youths as the Weird Cat Lady. Obviously, the cat being the impetus.

But there’s good news for all those Weird Cat Ladies (WCL) out there — Boxiecat.

Boxiecat has introduced a subscription service that makes owning a cat (or 15) a lot easier: now, instead of going to a store and lugging home a 10lb bag of litter, Boxiecat will deliver kitty litter to your door.

It’s an exceptionally simple and yet clever solution for “busy cat owners” (aka, WCLs). Cat owners are likely to be repeat customers (everyone needs litter), especially when the alternative is venturing out in public in my hypothetical sweatpants and fabric headband with a shopping cart stacked high with kitty litter — I mean the visual is offensive alone.

With Boxiecat, you “Set your home cat litter delivery schedule and relax [in your sweats] because you’ll never have to shop for litter again [thank god]. Stop lugging heavy bags home from the store and save time with Boxiecat.”

Delivered via USPS, the litter is $20 a shipment and you can cancel anytime. It’s also green (saving driving time to the store and coming in Cradle to Cradle certified shipping boxes) so at least you’ll be an environmentally-friendly WCL.

Unfortunately, Boxiecat does not take away your old litter, discipline Cat Damon for doing unspeakable things to your couch or provide a WCL Anonymous hotline. But the added convenience and flexible shipping schedules makes this a rather inventive and practical subscription solution to a formerly singular-transaction-focused problem.