Babysitting as a Service…The Importance of Trust in Subscription Success

by Megan Golden, Interactive Marketing Are you a busy Bay Area parent? Do you and your hubby work late nights? Or do you just need a night to get out, away from your rugrats? Well then might just be what you need. For all those Bay Area parents working Silicon Valley hours, subscriptions have […]

A Call to Arms: How Subscription Economies are Saving the Journalism Industry

by Tien Tzuo, CEO In 2009, the journalism and publishing industries were reeling. The Rocky Mountain News had closed. The San Francisco Chronicle was in bad shape. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer was no longer in print. Unprepared for the move to digital revenue streams, these hulking and dated publishers and publications have found themselves getting flanked […]

Have the Media Subscription Wars Just Begun?

by Tien Tzuo, CEO   On Wednesday, GigaOm revealed that Taiwanese mobile hardware developer HTC may be developing a streaming music service in collaboration with Beats Audio’s Jimmy Iovine. Spotify is officially on notice.   Iovine, who serves as chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M, is a big mover and shaker in the music industry, and […]


by TJ Laher, Community Manager   I’m doing a tribute to everything subscriptions, and so I ask my humble audience: what do you subscribe to?   In today’s connected, social and mobile world, it’s impossible not to subscribe to something. Heck, subscriptions go beyond SaaS businesses to cars, books, even toilets for those Manhattanites who […]

An Espresso Shot for the Subscription Economy

by Jeff Yoshimura, VP of Marketing   Just in case there weren’t enough Starbucks cafes near you, Starbucks has gone one better. To continue to serve the make-at-home crowd, Starbucks just introduced automatic delivery of its coffees and teas by subscription.   The Zuora team went crazy when we saw this! When we started Zuora in 2008, we […]