Subscription Commerce Goes International

Subscription Commerce Goes International

By Kyle Christensen, Senior Director of Product Marketing


We’ve been saying it for years:  “The world is moving to the Subscription Economy.”  And we mean the world.  There’s no better example than our customer Jimdo, who started their website-building platform out of Germany, and who have since expanded across the globe into 11 languages while taking payments in 20 different currencies.  Or the communications behemoth Tata, who launched their InstaCompute cloud service to 32 different countries.


To help other companies around the world, we opened up our European offices last year.  And as of this week, some great new features in our June ’11 product release have made it even easier to take your subscription business to just about any country.  We’ve partnered with two great payment service providers and processers:  GlobalCollect and Moneris.


With GlobalCollect, Zuora customers can now take advantage of an entirely new crop of local payment method under the sun:  Direct Debit, ELV, Automatisch Incasso, Lastschrift, Orden De Domiciliacion, Rapporto Interbancario Diretto (R.I.D.), Demande De Prelevement and Domicilaition/Domiciliering.


Quite a mouthful.  But what it means is that whether you are a US based merchant wanting to offer local payment methods to your International customers or you are a merchant based elsewhere, like our friends Jimdo in Germany, and you need to accept local bank transfers, the Zuora/Globalcollect integration gives you that option and helps take the friction out of the customer acquisition process.


Finally, as more Canadian businesses like Barrett Xplore make the move to the Subscription Economy, we wanted to give them access to their payment processors of choice. Moneris solutions processes over 3 billion credit card transactions a year and is the go-to choice for Canadian merchants. Now they’re a choice for Zuora customers as well.


With these new partnerships, Zuora customers now have the flexibility to use multiple gateways, optimizing the benefits of popular choices like, Chase Paymentech and Litle & Co., with those focused on global markets.

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