Best of Breed Just Got Better

May 26, 2011

by Kyle Christensen, Senior Director of Product Marketing


When we talk to our customers about their strategy for business applications, it’s clear that no matter what app we’re talking about, they want the best. It sounds obvious. Why would you settle for an app that isn’t up to par? Unfortunately many companies find themselves in exactly that situation.


You buy an ERP suite because it’s got great accounting features, but then you’re stuck with whatever expense tacking system they threw in as an after thought. You buy a billing platform to automate your invoicing, but then you’re forced to use the bare bones CRM functionality that they built out in their spare time. The only alternative is to integrate various best of breed applications on your own. Suddenly you’ve spent too much money and too many resources just getting your systems talking to one another. Wasn’t cloud computing supposed to reduce the burden on your IT team?


At Zuora, we’ve taken a different approach. We believe we’ve got the best subscription billing and commerce platform in the world. Lucky for us, our customers tend to agree. We also think that when it comes to CRM, does it best. And for accounting in the cloud, we’re seeing NetSuite emerge as best of breed. If you are a subscription business in today’s Subscription Economy, you want best of breed, and want your best of breed apps like Zuora, Salesforce and Netsuite connected seamlessly together.


We want our customers to have it all. And we want it to be dead simple to get all of these apps working together, with no integration effort. That’s why we’ve created a set of dedicated applications that unite these best of breed apps. Earlier this month, we announced Z-NetSuite. You just turn it on, and Zuora is working seamlessly with NetSuite as your general ledger on the back end.


And today we’re announcing a huge improvement to our Z-Force application. Z-Force lets you bring Zuora’s subscription commerce capabilities right into Salesforce CRM, Salesforce Customer Portal, or Salesforce Partner Portal. And it’s all 100% natively built on, so it just works. No further integration required. There are dozens of new capabilities to take advantage of with this new release. If you want to learn more, you can also check out how customers like Xactly are using it today.


For subscription businesses, this best of breed triple-play of Salesforce plus Zuora plus Netsuite allows them to manage the lead-to-cash-to-renewals process entirely in the cloud, with no software required. And now with Z-Force and Z-Netsuite, there’s also no integration required.