Ease & Flexibility Driving Zuora’s 27th Consecutive Month of Product Innovation

by Luke Braud, VP of Product & Engineering


I get to speak with quite a few subscription businesses. What’s been made clear through these conversations is that in today’s Subscription Economy, no subscription is the same and every customer is different. A major theme in these conversations is the need for ease and flexibility in order to survive the complex demands of the new Subscription Economy.


Like I’ve said in previous blogs, we use conversations like these to help us make decisions about what features to explore and eventually build. And that rings true for April’s release.


For Zuora’s 27th consecutive monthly release, our product team has taken the ideas of ease and flexibility to the next level. For example, we’ve introduced modular subscription invoicing where companies have the flexibility to combine or separate subscription invoices in any combination. We’ve created new preview tools making it even more painless to manage your amendments and customer communications. And we’ve made reporting and integration that much easier with a new set of data sources to pull from.


To see more details on this release, check out today’s press release or What’s New section of our website.

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