Congrats to The New York Times: A Subscription Economy Case Study

by Tien Tzuo   During its Q1 earnings call last week, The New York Times reported that it had attracted more than 100,000 digital subscribers since employing its new digital paywall. That’s an impressive number for only the first three weeks, especially when you consider that the Times’ privately-stated goal for the entire first year […]

Ease & Flexibility Driving Zuora’s 27th Consecutive Month of Product Innovation

by Luke Braud, VP of Product & Engineering   I get to speak with quite a few subscription businesses. What’s been made clear through these conversations is that in today’s Subscription Economy, no subscription is the same and every customer is different. A major theme in these conversations is the need for ease and flexibility […]

Zipcar’s IPO: A $1B Subscription Economy Success Story

by Kyle Christensen, Senior Director of Product Marketing   It started in the technology sector, as new business models often do. offered a completely different approach to buying software. Why throw down millions of dollars for servers and CD’s when you could subscribe to software, delivered as a service, over the internet?   This […]

Jimdo, a German-Based B2C Juggernaut Goes Global

by Katrina Wong, Director of Customer Marketing & Community   Christian Springub started his first business at age 12 buying and re-selling collectable toys at flea markets, and within three years, he switched to creating websites in his hometown in Fridtjof, Germany for local businesses. Now 15 years later, the company he co-founded, Jimdo, has […]