Zuora’s 26th Consecutive Month of Product Innovation

Zuora’s 26th Consecutive Month of Product Innovation

by Luke Braud, VP of Product & Engineering


You may wonder how features “make it” on to our product roadmap. The Subscription Economy is moving very fast and our customers are constantly pushing the limits to ensure they stay ahead of the game. They are our eyes and ears “on the ground” and it’s direct feedback and conversations with them them help us make decisions about which features to explore and ultimately build. We are constantly listening and collecting feedback to ensure that every customer has a voice in our innovation cycle.


For this month’s release, we’ve enhanced our notifications engine to include capabilities that allow you to further customize any type of event in our application. For example, when a customer signs up for a product or service Zuora can automatically notify your provisioning system to give that user access. Or when your customer’s credit card is approaching it’s expiration date, Zuora can automatically notify your CRM system and flag that account as needing action.


To see more details on this release, check out today’s press release.


Thanks to all of our customers for your support, ideas and enthusiasm. Without your feedback and expertise we would not be where we are. Please continue to submit your ideas and enter to win an iPad in the process!

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