Zuora’s 26th Consecutive Month of Product Innovation

by Luke Braud, VP of Product & Engineering   You may wonder how features “make it” on to our product roadmap. The Subscription Economy is moving very fast and our customers are constantly pushing the limits to ensure they stay ahead of the game. They are our eyes and ears “on the ground” and it’s […]

The Future of Hardware Leads to the Subscription Economy

by Tien Tzuo   Om Malik had a great post last week entitled, “Why the Future of Hardware Is Services.” He discusses why, for a hardware device to be successful, it must be tied to services. Because as internet access becomes pervasive across all devices, it’s the services you link to that truly makes those […]

Informatica Revolutionizes the Data Integration Space with Cloud Computing

by Jeff Yoshimura, VP of Marketing   The software industry has come a long way. When Salesforce.com launched more than a decade ago, most thought it was for small businesses and that the SaaS model could only be delivered by startups. But today SaaS applications have proliferated across the enterprise and every major software company […]

The Hottest Streaming Video Provider Ustream Accelerates Product Launch by 4X

by Katrina Wong, Director, Customer Marketing & Community   I entered the Internet industry a decade ago and today, I do 90% of my shopping online and a few years ago, I decided to get rid of my television and cable service. However, thanks to live streaming video over the Internet, I can still watch […]

The iPad 2 and the End of Publishing as We Know It

by Tien Tzuo   I love apple products. Those of you that know me know I’m a big iPad and Mac fan. At the risk of being flamed by parents, my daughter has been an iPad addict since she was 9 months old, something which still amazes me.   The headline of the iPad 2 […]