Zuora’s 25th Straight Month of Product Innovation

Zuora’s 25th Straight Month of Product Innovation

by Luke Braud


For those of us who have spent our careers building or consuming software, we know all too well that product innovation is rarely something that happens on a monthly basis. Before the days of SaaS, the on-premise product improvement schedule was bi-annual at best, and sometimes longer than 18 months.


Before joining Zuora, I spent nearly 10 great years at Netsuite overseeing the company’s Products and Engineering efforts, which culminated with more than 110 team members across 5 countries. Even at a truly innovative company like NetSuite the release cadence is at most 2-3 releases per year (not unlike Salesforce.com and other leading SaaS companies). Zuora’s rapid and iterative innovation cycle is one of the primary reasons I joined and why I am so excited to be here.


As far as I know, Zuora is the only SaaS company with a mission critical enterprise application innovating and releasing new product monthly. This month marks the 25th consecutive month of listening and responding to our customers’ needs, as well as continuing to push the limits with our own innovative product enhancements built to make our customers successful in ways they didn’t even consider. It’s part of our culture here at Zuora, and it’s definitely part of our rapid growth and success as a company. This month we released even more tools for managing the entire subscription billing and commerce lifecycle, all the way from quote to renewal.


As our customers attest to in today’s press release, this consistent delivery of innovations to the Zuora product line is a key reason for why we’ve become such a critical extension of their business as they transition to the Subscription Economy. We know how to listen, we know how to move quickly, and we know how to build rock solid product that improves the bottom line.


So to our customers – thank you again for your support, ideas and enthusiasm.

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