And the Oscar Goes To... Zuora Customers!

by Katrina Wong, Director, Customer Marketing & Community


Many of you have seen our new videos on our website and on our new YouTube channel. We were delighted to hear that Zuora has won two Beagle Research “Short Tale” awards for both Best Customer Testimonial and Best Video Under One Minute. This is the inaugural year for the Short Tale awards, and Denis Pombriant and his team looked at various aspects of video production and use by front office software companies in sales, marketing, service and education, choosing to highlight the best of the best. Zuora was in great company, as the other companies honored included, NetSuite, Microsoft Corporation, SAS Institute, Sage Software, Eloqua, and RightNow Technologies.


We are especially proud of this award win because it taps into a major strategic initiative for Zuora – helping our customers share their best practices, experiences and successes in making the switch to a Subscription Commerce model. In fact, our product development team generates monthly innovations based on the feedback and experience of our hundreds of customers who have already moved into the Subscription Economy. Throughout 2011, we will be building out bigger and better ways for our customers to share their stories with the world and with each other, which we know will help other companies joining the Subscription Economy.


Below is a snapshot of Zuora’s win from the Short Tale release, and special thanks to all of our customers (Ning, Xactly, Marketo, InsideView, Codesion, Quova, AppBuddy, Bitgravity to name a few) for doing such a great job telling their story! To see the videos, click here.


“Zuora shot a group of customers individually giving testimonials over the course of a single day. The shots run about thirty seconds each and they are well produced. The speakers know what they are going to say and there are no annoying pauses. The customers exude energy in a natural way that makes you want to believe their endorsements. The shots are consistent and well executed. This series shows that video need not be long or expensive to produce to achieve good results.”

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