Zuora Holiday Food Drive: When Opportunity Knocks at the Wrong Door

by Erik Haus   Like most startups, Zuora can be quite a hectic place. Whether we’re gearing up for a monthly product release, a new marketing launch, or the typical end of the month sales rush, there is always something to occupy our time. So it takes quite a meaningful event for the entire company […]

Paid content – Accenture bets on subscriptions, and so do we.

by K. V. Rao   Will consumers pay for online content? Of course they will and they already do. Look at the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, even Netflix. At Zuora, we’re a bit weary of the over-reaction that occurs when companies announce planned paywalls. Business models are good things.   Paying for something that […]

Tenet 2 for Managing the Customer Experience in a Subscription Economy

by Katrina Wong, Director of Customer Experience   In my last post, I discussed why a focus on the customer experience is essential to growing your subscription business and outlined the three tenets of operating a thriving subscription business with a customer experience focus:   Anchor your business around the customer’s experience Embrace the voice […]

The Secrets of Salesforce – Dreamforce’09 Recap and Twitter Contest Winners

by Tricia Reilly   This year’s Dreamforce was a force indeed. 16,000 attendees from all over the world gathered for three and a half days of networking, education, and inspiration. Dreamforce’09 marked Zuora’s second year as an exhibitor, and this time around we sponsored the AppExchange Appreciation Party at Temple.   A few of the […]