Zuora Launches Z-Payments 2.0 at Innovate09 - Built with PayPal X

by K. V. Rao


In our last post, we mentioned that we’d be launching our next product at PayPal’s first developer conference, Innovate09. Today we’re thrilled to announce Z-Payments 2.0 – the first online subscription commerce solution built with PayPal X.


You may recall that Zuora first launched Z-Payments back in October of last year, and announced a strategic partnership with PayPal. The first complete payment solution for subscription businesses, Z-Payments 2.0 enables subscription companies to manage the entire recurring payment lifecycle, accept any form of payment including traditional payments, like check or wire transfer, handle payment exceptions, and more. In short, Z-Payments is how subscription businesses get paid.


Today, the relationship between Zuora and PayPal takes another step forward, as Z-Payments 2.0 leverages the Adaptive Payments capabilities in PayPal X to offer Zuora’s customers even greater flexibility in their payment operations.


We’re thrilled to be held up as an example of a successful business built with PayPal’s X platform (we’re told that Osama Bedier, PayPal’s VP Product Development, is going to mention us in his keynote) and we’re excited to see what other innovative products will be launched at Innovate09.


To read the full press release, click here.


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To hear what all the fuss is about, check out the Tweets about the event (#changehowwepay)

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