Zuora Launches Next Product at Paypal’s Innovate09

October 26, 2009

by Erik Haus


In the spirit of Halloween, we at Zuora have a few tricks up our sleeves and a few new treats to offer customers. We’ll be launching our next offering at PayPal’s Innovate09, their first dedicated developer conference.


We’re proud to support one of our premier partners as their Platinum Sponsor for the inaugural event. While we can’t spill the beans about we’re launching until the actual event, rest assured that the name “Innovate” is well deserved. PayPal, who pioneered online payments, is continuing its leadership in the payments space with its Open Platform X. Zuora’s state-of-the-art subscription commerce platform already seamlessly integrates with PayPal’s products, but stay tuned for the next phase of our integration.


Looking forward to seeing you there, and be sure to see our new offering!