Pricing, Packaging, and Payments Flexibility

by Tricia Reilly   So I mistakenly answered my home phone last night, and it was the Cal Alumni Association. Now I’ve been a member of the Alumni Association on and off since graduation, but I’ve never become a lifetime member. It’s not that I don’t intend to renew every year, but somehow I’ve never […]

Fall DEMO’09: Social Media, B2B, and Chris Shipley’s Victory Dance

by Annette Giambroni   Earlier this week, we launched Z-Commerce for Media at Fall DEMO’09 in San Diego. We were really excited to see this event growing in size despite the economy. As always, there was a real palpable energy and buzz about the place and we were honored to be asked back, following our […]

Tenet 1 for Managing the Customer Experience in a Subscription Economy

by Katrina Wong, Director of Customer Experience   In my first post, I discussed why a focus on the customer experience is essential to growing your subscription business.   I outlined the three tenets of operating a thriving subscription business with a customer experience focus.   In this post, I’ll elaborate on Tenet #1:   […]

Zuora Launches First Online Commerce Platform for Publishers at DEMO09

by K. V. Rao   Today, we’re in San Diego at DEMO09, where established vendors and start-ups alike come to launch their wares to a panel of journalists, VCs, technologists, and thought leaders. We’re here to launch our latest offering, Z-Commerce for Media. Why Media, why now, you ask?   The publishing industry has struggled […]

The, the Internet Manifesto and the Fate of Online Publishing

by K. V. Rao   It’s been quite a week for the world of online publishing.   First, MediaWeek reported that the Economist was moving to a paid model for its news content. The publisher, who until now charged only for online content that was more than a year old, refuted the assertion stating, “It’s […]