Kim Kardashian's Designer Shoes As a Service - One Haute Subscription

Kim Kardashian's Designer Shoes As a Service - One Haute Subscription

by Megan Golden


If you’ve been keeping up with the Kardashians, you know that Kim recently launched ShoeDazzle, a subscription service for designer shoes! While the name reminds me of a costume accessory from my 5th grade jazz recital, the idea is genius… and let’s be honest, a little bit sexy.


For decades, celebrities have stepped outside their “talent” to jump on the latest bandwagon – from checking in to rehab, to having a baby, to launching their own personal brand of the latest must-have. If a female celebrity doesn’t want to pop out a baby and name it after a fruit (sorry Apple Paltrow), she’s most likely to go the fragrance or clothing line route. With her recent break-up from Reggie Bush, Kim Kardashian had no choice but to go the apparel route.


Here’s how it works. You take a series of short quizzes; think Cosmo meets Vogue.


  • Who do you think is better dressed? (Btw, the correct answer is the model from the Zac Posen Summer ’10 show.)
  • Which brand do you like best? (L.A.M.B. over Coach and Bebe.)
  • Which celebrity style do you most admire (I stayed loyal to my longtime girl-crush Reese over Sienna & Rihanna.)


Suddenly I was funneled into a this-type-of-girl-likes-these-types-of-pumps bucket… and I liked it! After a couple of days, Kardashian’s shoe stylists sent me an email with 5 shoe suggestions for that month. After much debate (Tien, I promise I did this on my lunch break) I went with the platform suede pump in slate (so Fall 09!) that will carry me from the office to SF night life – for the month of August!


What’s so haute about this? It’s just another industry moving from the traditional buy model to the subscribe model. This is especially reflective of our current economic climate; most women are more apt to spend $39/month for the in shoe rather than paying hundreds of dollars to own them outright; especially when they have the potential to be out before they’re even paid off. You’re keeping with the trends without breaking the bank!


So for the Zappos, Piperlimes, and Shoes.coms of the world – consider a move to subscriptions to cater to the Shoe Lovers on a budget.


As for you, Kim, thank you for allowing me to go from a designer shoe ogler to a prancing stiletto trendster.


PS: And Kim – Reggie has just been removed from my fantasy football draft. You’re welcome.

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