DEMO09 – Zuora Launches Our Next Subscription Management Service in San Diego

by Tricia Reilly   As the kids head back to school and the weather (finally) starts to heat up in San Francisco, the Zuora Marketing team is getting ready for Fall. Most notably DEMO’09, where we’ll be launching our next subscription management service offering.   While we can’t tell you what we’ll be announcing, Chris […]

Managing the Customer Experience in a Subscription Economy

by Katrina Wong, Director of Customer Experience   As the world moves to more and more subscription-based businesses – the customer experience becomes ever more important. Why?   In the traditional product-oriented world, selling may be a one-time transaction. How a customer thinks, feels, and interacts with your product is important up-front, but your business […]

Kim Kardashian’s Designer Shoes As a Service – One Haute Subscription

by Megan Golden   If you’ve been keeping up with the Kardashians, you know that Kim recently launched ShoeDazzle, a subscription service for designer shoes! While the name reminds me of a costume accessory from my 5th grade jazz recital, the idea is genius… and let’s be honest, a little bit sexy.   For decades, […]

Closing the Books: Alleviate (some of) the pain and shorten the process

by Amy Pruitt, Zuora Account Executive   Before I launch into a discussion of the process and pains associated with closing the books, it should be acknowledged that companies of varying sizes will have very different experiences. A $1B Enterprise company will differ significantly from a company that is aspiring to be that $1B company. […]

Could Subscriptions Save the Online Publishing Industry?

by Tien Tzuo   There’s some irony to the fact that the publishers of the Wall Street Journal made waves this week by announcing they will soon charge for all content. On a conference call held after the company’s earnings announcement, News Corp Chairman Rupert Murdoch said that he plans to roll out paid content […]