Cost Containment is Not a Growth Strategy

by Jeff Yoshimura


Seems like an obvious one doesn’t it? But you’d be surprised how many people we run across in the subscription and SaaS business who still think cutting a few dollars here or there is going to get them through the economic downturn. Those who survive (scratch that) THRIVE, profit, and beat their competition this summer will be those who find new ways to build, manage, and grow their subscription businesses by launching new products, reaching new markets, and finding new ways to package existing product lines. That’s why over 100+ subscription leaders dialed in to learn the secrets to subscription success last week.


Care to learn these secrets for yourself? Check out the recording at or check out the next in the series “Top 10 Ways to Improve Cash Flow” on July 16th featuring Zuora’s Chief Financial Officer Gary Hagmueller.

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