Zuora Gives Back

by Megan Golden   When I made my transition from Salesforce.com to Zuora in early 2008, I had hoped to bring with me the spirit of giving back that is core to Salesforce’s working culture. What was surprising, however was that I landed at a company where several others shared that same vision!   That’s […]

Subscription Revenue Models Take Center Stage

by Tien Tzuo   Open Table’s success is a feather in the cap of subscription businesses and tangible proof that ad-driven revenue models are rusting. The New York Times really hit the nail on the head when it wrote: “Now advertisers have cut back their online spending. So Web start-ups are searching for new ways […]

Zuora Wins 5 Industry Awards

by Annette Giambroni   We’re in the running for several awards in the technology community, and in the past week, we’ve already earned 5 software industry accolades. Here’s the scoop:   At Under the Radar, Zuora won top honors amongst hundreds of companies with a total of three awards, including Best in Show. Check out […]

Will the Public Sector Embrace Cloud Computing?

by Tien Tzuo   Recently, I came across an interesting headline in the Washington Post, “Government Turns Again To Cloud Computing”. The article begins: Skeptics take note: Cloud computing is taking hold.   The Pentagon has awarded another contract for cloud computer — which, roughly speaking, involves putting software tools on the ‘net and delivering […]

Who needs a subscription management and billing solution?

by Amy Pruitt, Zuora Account Executive   Why do I need a recurring billing system when I already have an accounting package?   On the front lines here at Zuora, this is a question that comes up from time to time when speaking with prospective client CFOs and COOs. Maybe you’re asking yourself the same […]

Traditional Household Services Move to Subscriptions

by Tricia Reilly   I was watching TV the other day and noticed a Terminix ad which touted a subscription offering called Ultimate Service Guarantee. For a nominal fee (which varies depending upon zip code, square footage, etc.), the subscription service includes a 24 hour SLA, 100% satisfaction, and a lifetime damage repair coverage, in […]