Zuora Announces Z-Billing 2.0—Subscription Billing Now Comes with Sales Tax Software

by Tien Tzuo


There’s been a lot of talk about taxes in the news recently – from last week’s ‘tea party protests’ in reaction to government bank bailouts and mortgage relief to proposed legislation regarding taxation of online shopping.


Not to be left out, this morning we announced Z-Billing 2.0 with Taxation. Now the most powerful and customizable subscription billing service available comes with a taxation module to handle different types of tax such as GST, VAT, or sales tax- from any location, in any jurisdiction. We also announced support for the leading taxation software companies- Sabrix, Avalara, and Vertex.


But Z-Billing 2.0 isn’t just about taxes. We’ve added 100 new features to give customers more power, more automation, and increased ease-of-use. It’s all about growing revenues and scaling your subscription business without adding additional headcount. To read the press release, click here.


When we launched Z-Billing 1.0 nearly a year ago, we cited industry disruptors like Netflix, ZipCar, and Salesforce.com. Now we’re seeing traditional companies like Starbucks and United Airlines launching subscription offerings. Not to mention the recent wave of Cloud Computing services with subscriptions as the de facto charge model.


In addition to today’s product announcement, we’ve reached another key milestone in our company’s evolution by passing the 100 customer mark. We’re proud that industry leaders like box.net, Marketo, InsideView, and Cloud9 Analytics have all chosen Zuora to manage their online subscription and payment operations. We’re also excited to add Sun Microsystems to the growing roster of cloud computing customers who have selected us as their cloud commerce platform.


I’m looking forward to what the next 12 months will bring for Zuora, our customers, and the subscription industry as a whole.

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