What I learned from DEMO 09

What I learned from DEMO 09

by Annette Giambroni


Here are the top three things I learned at DEMO 09:


1) Twitter is truly viral – I was able to promote Zuora’s Z-Commerce for Facebook – a subscription commerce engine for Facebook – in minutes with little effort. I was amazed at how members of the press who are hard to tackle for an interview will gladly follow my postings on Twitter. Be sure to follow Zuora news at https://twitter.com/Annette_G.


2) Zuora’s Z-Commerce for Facebook is not like anything else at DEMO. Most of the demonstrators had really cool products like GagaPost’s Blogging product or Gwabbit’s email management system…but as cool as the products are, I had a hard time understanding how these companies are going to make any money? Sounds like a job for Zuora’s flagship recurring billing product.


3) Tien really knows how to incite hallway conversations at DEMO. Everyone was asking…”Who would use Z-Commerce for Facebook? Are there any Facebook applications worth paying for?” But then they started to catch on…It’s sort of the chicken and the egg scenario — Zuora is providing the chicken, and betting that it will hatch the egg. I think Tien said it best in an interview with ReadWriteWeb where he gives some great examples of apps we here at Zuora would pay for.


Check it out and let us know what you would pay for on Facebook, if only someone had the courage to build it…we want to hear from you!

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