Zuora Launches Subscription Billing Offering and Closes 70 Customers in 2008

December 29, 2008

by Z-Team

Z-Friends –


It’s hard to believe that 2008 will soon come to a close. It’s been quite a year here at Zuora.


In late 2007, a bunch of friends from WebEx and salesforce.com got together and shared a common experience — that building successful subscription businesses were hard — and a common vision: that they shouldn’t be. Our vision with Zuora was to create a world with thousands of Salesforce.com’s and WebEx’s, all subscription services, and all operating in the cloud.


In March 2008, we launched our vision onto the world, and found that it really resonated in the marketplace. We launched our flagship product, Z-Billing, in May, and then quickly followed up with Z-Payments and a partnership with PayPal. In November, at Salesforce.com’s Dreamforce conference, we announced Z-Force, 100% built on the Force.com platform and fully integrated into Z-Billing and Z-Payments.


By the end of the year, our vision of the subscription economy and the power of on-demand billing and payments had resonated with more than 60 customers.


2008 was good to us.


This year ends on a high note – It is an honor to be included in Paul Greenberg’s list of ‘Companies to Watch in 2009’. As well, Elise Ackerman of the San Jose Mercury News did a nice write up of the reach and power of cloud computing, including a profile of Zuora.


We face 2009 with enthusiasm and encouragement. Even though the economy is struggling and there is much uncertainty in the business world – we strongly believe that innovation remains strong, that subscriptions are the business model of the future, and that now, more than ever, companies are looking for easier ways to build and monetize their subscription businesses.


The best to you and yours. See you in 2009.


The Z-Team