Zuora + Google: Living the Subscription Dream

by Tien Tzuo


As our readers know, we believe
the world is moving towards subscription services. That’s why when we
started the company, we knew we that all of our infrastructure had to
be SaaS like services.  And that’s why we’re big users of Google


Recently, I emailed Google
to let them know how much we love Google Apps here at Zuora. Since day
one, we’ve run our whole company on Google Apps—Gmail, Calendar, Documents,
Translate, Sites, Analytics, and more.  We even use the new Google
that comes with Google Apps.  In fact, Google Apps have transformed
Zuora, allowing us to keep the nimbleness of a startup, but be even
more productive than larger companies with lots of resources.


Turns out, Google loved the
idea so much they posted it on Google enterprise blog and asked that I share our story in
a recent Google Apps Webinar.  Check it out!

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