Subscriptions for Going Green

by K. V. Rao


Recently we announced our new product Z-Payments and partnership with PayPal. It was a very exciting launch for us and we’re thrilled to have formed this alliance. And while visiting PayPal last week, I learned something really cool. Well actually, a couple of things.


The first is that PayPal resides in an entirely green, LEED certified building. As announced in this May 2008 blog entry by Scott Thompson, PayPal’s new building is solar powered, energy efficient, reduces water usage by 30 percent and is built from recycled materials.


The second cool thing has to do with the above-mentioned recycled materials and our sweet spot – subscriptions. It turns out that PayPal actually subscribes to their carpet! It’s made of recyclable materials, and they have an annual subscription to replace and recycle the carpet.


We’ve been touting the value of a recurring revenue streams at the heart of subscription businesses. It seems that subscriptions are also about renewable resources. We applaud the innovative carpet company that PayPal subscribes to and hope to see more examples of using subscriptions to help people and companies “go green.”

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