Zuora + Google: Living the Subscription Dream

by Tien Tzuo   As our readers know, we believe the world is moving towards subscription services. That’s why when we started the company, we knew we that all of our infrastructure had to be SaaS like services.  And that’s why we’re big users of Google Apps.   Recently, I emailed Google to let them […]

Subscriptions for Going Green

by K. V. Rao   Recently we announced our new product Z-Payments and partnership with PayPal. It was a very exciting launch for us and we’re thrilled to have formed this alliance. And while visiting PayPal last week, I learned something really cool. Well actually, a couple of things.   The first is that PayPal […]

Looking Beyond SaaS – What’s in Store for Silicon Valley?

by Tien Tzuo   Robert Scoble was in our office on Monday. What a way to start the week, eh? We were very excited to tell him about what Zuora has in store, as we’re making a big announcement next week. But it didn’t take long for us to start talking about what’s going on […]

Are Subscriptions The Light in This Dark Tunnel?

by Tien Tzuo   It’s hard not to feel great concern over what’s happening on Wall Street. Entire banks are going under, thousands of people are losing their jobs, and millions more are losing their retirement. This is a very sad situation indeed. But not every business is doomed, and some are actually thriving despite […]