September 11, 2008

by K. V. Rao


When I read this article – it was like déjà vu. A few weeks ago we blogged about the iPhone 3G and how AT&T is using subscriptions to make more money on the new, cheaper iPhone. And now we’re seeing a theme with Apple and subscriptions for our favorite music service.


The writer in the article expounds very eloquently on what we talk about most around here: The case for subscription services. And if I were to bet anything, it seems just a matter of time before this inexorable shift towards subscription services sweeps iTunes under its path…


It’s about not owning a few songs, but access to a virtually unlimited library of songs,

It is about kicking the tires, without getting locked in to a commitment,

It is about exploration – without worrying about having to pay for disappointment,

It is about growth – at a reasonable price,

In other words, it is about the customer.


This week Apple announced a new, improved iPod nano. Now it’s time to announce a new, improved iTunes model with subscriptions at the core.