Calling All Zuora Fanz

by Annette Giambroni   Z-Marketing here.. thought I would take a second, steal the blog away from the execs and tell you about some of the great stuff we have been doing here at Zuora. Couldn’t get ahold of your favorite Z-Team member last week? That was probably because we were out cleaning up the […]


by K. V. Rao   When I read this article – it was like déjà vu. A few weeks ago we blogged about the iPhone 3G and how AT&T is using subscriptions to make more money on the new, cheaper iPhone. And now we’re seeing a theme with Apple and subscriptions for our favorite music […]


by K. V. Rao   Of all the products-as-services concepts that I’ve come across, there is one in particular that I just really love — vegetables-as-a-service. With an emphasis on organic produce, and a push for buying from local farms, and the rising obesity rates in the US, it’s no wonder local farmers are becoming […]

PayPal’s Scott Thompson Joins Zuora’s Board

by Tien Tzuo   Some of our regular readers may have seen the news this morning — we’re very excited here at Zuora to announce today the newest member of our Board of Directors — Scott Thompson, President of PayPal.   We met Scott a few months ago, and clicked with him immediately as he […]

Tien’s Top Five – Innovative Subscription Businesses

by Tien Tzuo   We’ve talked about Netflix, Zipcar, and of course and WebEx – the big ones. But here are five subscription businesses you may not have heard of that I think are really cool. They span different industries and serve both businesses and consumers.This is a great example of the different industries […]