What’s Your Pricing Strategy, Part 2

by Tien Tzuo   In a recent blog entry, we talked about how subscription businesses can use pricing models as a powerful tool for achieving their business objectives. We discussed six common business objectives, including upsell, adoption, and cash flow, and provided examples of companies that use pricing to achieve those objectives.   Now let’s […]

Give away the razor and sell the blades – or rather, mobile phones?

by K. V. Rao   After posting this blog, we thought we owed AT&T some props. So here you go:   Who doesn’t have Olympic fever? I do, and during my hours of watching Phelps break record after record, I notice the commercials. One commercial in particular has caught my attention and that’s Apple’s ads […]

What’s Your Pricing Strategy, Part I

by Tien Tzuo   We’ve talked a lot about how running a subscription business is different, and how flexibility in pricing and packaging is important for building and scaling a subscription business.   Often, people will approach us and ask, “That’s all great, but how do I know what type of pricing and packaging is […]


by K. V. Rao   Regular readers of the Z-Blog will know we’re always on the look out for new examples of businesses that are transforming from selling products to offering subscriptions – cars, movies, farm produce — here’s one that recently caught our attention, as well as the New York Times, around textbooks.   […]

RedHat spending $20 Million to Manage Subscription Billing

by Tien Tzuo   I recently attended the Pacific Crest 10th Annual Technology Leadership Forum in Vail, Colorado, a fantastic event where you can hear the CEO and CFO’s of so many companies discuss the state of the technology industry.   One session stuck with me – the one with Charlie Peters, the CFO of […]