The On-demand Economy

by Tien Tzuo


We had an article in the last week and the same day I read a really interesting post on Denis Pombriant’s blog. Denis is a respected analyst and blogger, one of the first to catch on what we were doing at Salesforce, and it’s interesting how his post echoed the theme of the article in TheDeal, but in a much more philosophical way. I encourage everyone to check out his full blog post, but here’s a snippet:


“The distribution of productive assets is driving and being driven by things like on-demand because on-demand significantly lowers the cost of employing your most productive asset. Need to get somewhere but can’t afford a car? No problem, there’s Zipcar. Need technology to employ your productive asset and leverage your ideas? No problem, computers are cheap and for everything else, there’s on-demand.”


Looks like Denis is catching on to the next trend as well…

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