Subscriptions are everywhere: Sex and the City Movie

Subscriptions are everywhere: Sex and the City Movie

by Judy Loehr


Last weekend, I paid my $10 to see the much-anticipated film, “Sex and the City.”


In one scene of the film, the celebrated New Yorker, Carrie, interviews 20-something Louise for a job as her assistant. During the interview, Carrie observes that Louise carries a $1500 Louis Vuitton handbag.


Carries asks Louise something along the lines of, “If you share a 1-bedroom apartment with two other girls how is it you can afford the Louis Vuitton Blue Denim Bowly Handbag?”


Louise grins, “It’s rented – Bag, Borrow, or Steal. It’s like Netflix for purses.”


I almost fell out of my chair. Even the 20-something trend-setters in pop culture embrace subscriptions—they’re subscribing to all of the latest trends instead of struggling to choose and buy just one.


Subscriptions are everywhere. They’re so common that they’re featured in pop culture standouts like “Sex and the City.” Subscriptions are truly entering every facet of our life—software, DVDs, cars, music… and designer labels. What’s next?

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