The On-demand Economy

by Tien Tzuo   We had an article in the last week and the same day I read a really interesting post on Denis Pombriant’s blog. Denis is a respected analyst and blogger, one of the first to catch on what we were doing at Salesforce, and it’s interesting how his post echoed the […]

Subscriptions are everywhere: Sex and the City Movie

by Judy Loehr   Last weekend, I paid my $10 to see the much-anticipated film, “Sex and the City.”   In one scene of the film, the celebrated New Yorker, Carrie, interviews 20-something Louise for a job as her assistant. During the interview, Carrie observes that Louise carries a $1500 Louis Vuitton handbag.   Carries […]

Commentary from Launch: Silicon Valley

by K. V. Rao   It’s amazing how many companies are moving to a subscription model! Of course, we already knew this — but after yesterday’s “Launch: Silicon Valley” conference, where Zuora presented alongside other innovative start-ups, we saw that subscriptions are no doubt the wave of the future.   Something interesting to note is […]

Pricing & Packaging in a Subscription World

by Tien Tzuo   In this blog, we often contrast the product world, where you purchase items, with the subscription world, where you subscribe to services. One area where the differences really stand out is in packaging and pricing—the way a product or service is sold to you.   In the product world, pricing is […]

AT&T vs. MCI: Subscription Billing as a Competitive Weapon

by K. V. Rao   As we launch Zuora with the vision for creating a new platform for subscription companies, lots of people have asked, why billing? Is billing really the most important thing for a subscription company? To which we emphatically reply: absolutely!   Many of these conversations have centered on how subscription businesses […]